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Five years later, a rescue party, sponsored by Jeffrey"s brother, Lucas, find the children alive but animal-like in their behavior. The girls are put in a welfare clinic under the psychiatric care of Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss. When Lucas tries to communicate with the girls they are hostile at first, but after he gives Victoria a pair of her old glasses she recognises him. Dreyfuss agrees to support Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel"s custody claim against the girls" maternal great-aunt Jean by letting them move into a house the clinic owns to grant the custody of the girls. However, Dreyfuss asks in exchange continued contact with Victoria and Lily to research the mysterious character they call "Mama", whom they talk and play with. During an intimate moment between Lucas and Annabel one night, Annabel is startled by the appearance of a shadowed figure in their bedroom doorway; while investigating, Lucas is attacked by Mama and slides into a comatose state. Annabel, a punk-rock musician unrelated to the girls, finds herself left alone to care for them while Mama"s visits continue. Although Annabel makes progress with Victoria, she finds Lilly hostile. Alarmed by nightmares and a warning about "Mama"s jealousy", Annabel asks Dr. Dreyfuss to investigate.

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Movie name:
Rating (IMDB):
6.4 /10
Release Date:
18 January 2013 (USA)
Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Megan Charpentier
BluRay 720p
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Mama 2013

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